A Simple and Safe Procedure to Repair Rectal Prolapse

What will happen if rectal prolapse is left untreated?

Rectal prolapse ensues when a portion of or all of the rectum’s wall slithers out of place. Rectal prolapse is most common in toddlers and elder grown-ups, predominantly females. In kids, it can be found with cystic fibrosis and whipworm (trichuriasis). In grown-ups, it is generally found with constipation. It is also more common in individuals with autism, psychiatric complaints and intellectual infirmity.

Symptoms of rectal prolapse

The symptoms of rectal prolapse might be as per the severity and can consist of:

  • Pain and discomposure felt deep within the lower stomach
  • Blood and mucus from the anus
  • The sensation of constipation, or that the rectum is never totally emptied after stool passing
  • Problems passing a bowel motion
  • Protuberance of the rectum through the anus
  • The necessity to use colossal amounts of toilet paper to clean up post a bowel motion
  • Leak of watery faces, predominantly after a bowel motion
  • Faecal incontinence or abridged aptitude to control the bowels.

If you wonder what happens if rectal prolapse is left untreated, rectal prolapse can result in serious difficulties. This mass is essentially the internal lining of the rectum and might bleed marginally and be uncomfortable and excruciating. If untreated, rectal prolapse could result in serious impediments such as leaky stool that gets worse or an impaired rectum. Call your doctor if a rectal prolapse befalls. In some circumstances, the prolapse can be treated via the consumption of herbal medicines as they are 100% safe.

What Happens If Rectal Prolapse Is Left Untreated?
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