What Can You Do For A Rectal Prolapse?

Rectal prolapse is an ailment in which there is a protuberance of the rectum via the anus. This blog will answer some rudimentary queries about the condition.

Who is susceptible to experience a rectal prolapse?

Although rectal prolapse can affect anybody, it is most common in young kids and individuals over the age of 50. In grown-ups, females are tremendously more prospective to experience prolapse, with estimates ranging from 60-90% of all cases. The jeopardy of rectal prolapse for males remains steady over time, while the risk upsurges for females as they get older. There is no such gender discrepancy in infantile cases.


Patients with internal prolapse are often asked to undergo a radio logical examination called a defecography. This is an x-ray study in which patients have radio graphic contrast instilled in their rectum and have images taken of them while they are evacuating their bowels. This study allows for the clear visualization of the internal prolapse. In addition, patients also might require anal manometry.


If you wonder what can you do for a rectal prolapse, the treatment for rectal prolapse can be done via herbal medicines. There are several varieties of treatments available; your doctor will decide which is correct for you. Aspects to be considered are your age, your health grade and whether or not constipation is a chronic concern. The objective of treatment is to overhaul the prolapse with an eye toward averting a re occurrence of the problem. After treatment, related symptoms should be relieved.

What Can You Do For A Rectal Prolapse?

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