There are Medicines for Prolapse rectum, in case one does not want to undergo surgery for this life-threatening condition :-

1. The medicine works on the principle of Ancient Ayurveda.

2. It is a tested medicine for Rectal Prolapse. (Procidentia).

3. It is Researched & Developed after Clinical Trials of 35 Years.

4. The medicine for Rectal Prolapse produces natural adhesions between the mucosal and muscular layers of the Rectum .This property of Medicine binds and reduces and normalize the dilated and elongated Rectal wall and tissues and in turn helps lessen the congestion of rectal mass which will be later noticed by the patient post consuming the medicine for one month.

5. Medicine works to strengthen the support system of Rectum which becomes stretched , elongated and hence looses its elasticity and failed to draw it again . The medicine for prolapse Rectum has the property of GRAHI ( Ayurvedic terminology ) which means to replace the displaced organ.

6. Medicine works to pacify the SAMAN VAYU & APAN VAYU, , these are AYURVEDIC TERM for forces, which control the digestion and defecation process in the body (Stretching and Constriction of Anal Sphincter Muscles).These disturbed forces are capable of dislodging the organ from its position. As per the Modern view is concerned it is obstructive lesions of genitor urinary tract such as Phimosis, Stricture, Prostatic Hypertrophy, Vesicalcalculi and increased intra abdominal pressure such as straining heavy work ,habitual constipation .These reasons also disturbed the forces which are capable of retaining the organ on its own place ,this modern view seems to be supporting the ancient Ayurvedic theory of SAMAN & APAN VAYU .


We treat Pelvic Organ Prolapse by our herbal formulation . In ancient Ayurveda literate there is description of several plants which have their natural affinity to any particular and targeted dhatu ( tissue )

There are also some combining Ingredients to improve their delivery to target tissue ( site of action of the first one ) . These plants are called Bio- Enhancers and improve the bioavailability of the first one.

Our poly herbal Formula works on the principal of Ayurveda . Medicine has the property of GRAHI and also balance SAMAN VAYU and APAN VAYU.

GRAHI- Medicine produces natural adhesion between the Mucosal and Muscular layers of the pelvic organs . This property of medicine binds reduces and normalize the dilated congested and elongated rectal and uterine wall and tissue and in turn helps to lessen the dilation and congestion and retain the organ on its own natural anatomical position also strengthen and rejuvenate the pelvic floor muscles. Because medicine has some plant polysaccharides which has the property of adherence and stickiness thus binds the tissues.

SAMAN VAYU – This Vayu aids the process of Digestion and Metabolism and helps in releasing the pressure and stress on pelvic floor muscles in its normal state but if SAMAN VAYU is vitiated it may increase pressure and heaviness in pelvic region.
Medicine is to pacify the SAMAN VAYU Dosh.

APAN VAYU – The role of APAN VAYU is to regulate the process of excretion mainly all the Pelvic Organs of excretion depends on the quality of APAN VAYU. If this Vatta Dosh ( APAN VAYU ) is vitiated it may exert down Ward force and can dislodge the organ gradually . Medicine is here to pacify this Doshas and helps to retain the organ on its own place.
We also treat Cystocele , Rectocele , faecal incontinence , Incontinence of urine
( women ), Intussusception.


This wonder medicine needs to be consumed only one dose per day orally in empty stomach in the morning hours. This in fact makes it a special ayurvedic medicine, since you do not have to take it in frequent intervals all day, like other ayurvedic medicines.

Looking for an alternate to surgery for Prolapse Rectum? Trust our ayurvedic medicine, made from natural ingredients and high success rate.