Rectal Prolapse Treatment by Ayurvedic Medicines

Prolapse Rectum TreatmentSituated at the foothills of Himalaya, our center is sited in the pristine milieu of Herbertpur which comes under the district Dehradun, Uttrakhand (A Herbal State). We are renowned for providing the miraculous rectal prolapse treatment by herbal medicine which is grounded on Ayurvedic principles.

Rectal Prolapse is a disease in which rectum comes out during defecation partially or entirely. At times, it goes back automatically and many a times, the patient has to do it manually. Patient has to face so many stages during Prolapse of Rectum as in the early stage patient can reduce his prolapsed rectum only by lessening his Intra- Abdominal pressure in such a manner that he is able to suck in the Prolapsed Rectum. In the beginning patient learns to replace the Prolapsed mass (Tissue) by the use of lubricant and digital pressure (A method of digital replacement). Patient feels discomfort during Prolapse. The discomfort becomes more with increasing difficulty in reduction of the Prolapsed Rectum. With the further passage of time patient feels slow but steadily increasing difficulty in reduction of his Prolapse .The Prolapse occurs not only at stool but also on other occasion as long standing, lifting, playing, coughing and stooping .In the latter condition Prolapsed tissue increase in size and becomes bulky and bulging .At this stage Prolapsed Rectum remains outside and replacement is very difficult. This disease can occur in males, females and children. Our herbal center provides unique Herbal Treatment which works on the comprehensive principle of Ayurveda without any side effects. The medicine that we prescribe has the property of GRAHI (a term of Ayurveda which means to retain the organ at its own place giving strength to support muscles & Ligaments of Rectum) & controlling SAMAN & APAN VAYU, the forces that control digestion and the act of defecation (Stretching & Contraction).

Oue Speciality - Rectal Prolapse Treatment by Herbal Medicine

1. Centre provides exclusive herbal prolapse rectum treatment and there is no need of any surgical, para surgical or any other procedures (local application or insertion of any medicine through anal route) our medicine is taken orally.

2. Medicine for rectal prolapse is quite safe and free from any side effects. Medicine is prepared by rare herbs grown in Himalaya and are described in ancient Ayurvedic literatures for prolapse rectum treatment.

3. Herbs which are present in this Poly Herbal Formula are grown organically in Himalayan Region.

4. The Preparation of Medicine is done in our Centre under the strict guidance of Ayurvedic Doctor and on the Principle of Ayurveda.

5. By our prolpase retum treatment by herbal; we have treated nationally and internationally so many patients successfully and without any side effects.

6. We are successfully treating prolapse treatment disease from more than 35 Years.

7. Our Herbal prolapse rectum treatment Medicine also controls problem of Incontinence and Regulate bowel movement in normal manner.

8. The Patients who have Bleeding during Prolapsed Rectum and any Discharge (Watery and Mucous) also get benefitted by our Treatment.

9. The Patients who feel pain during Prolapsed of Rectum also get cured during our course of rectal prolapse treatment by Ayurvedic medicines.

The Overview

Rectal prolapse is an ailment in which the rectum loses its standard attachments inside the body, letting it to bulge out via the anus, in so doing turning it inside out. While this might be uncomfortable, it rarely leads to an emergent medical issue. However, it can be fairlyuncomfortable and often has a substantial negative impact on patients’ quality of life. Overall, rectal prolapse affects comparatively few people (2.5 cases/100,000 people). This illness affects mostly adults, and females over 50 years of age are six times as likely as males to develop rectal prolapse. Maximumfemales with rectal prolapse are in their 60’s, while the few males who develop prolapse are much younger, be around 40 years of age or less. In these younger patients, there is greater rate of autism, developmental deferment and psychiatric complicationsdemanding multiple medicines.


Rectal prolapse tends to present steadily. At the start, the prolapse comes down with a bowel movement and then returns to its standard position. Patients might later describe a mass or “something tumbling out” that they might have to slide back in following a bowel movement. Until the prolapsed rectum goes back in, patients might feel like they are sitting on some ball. Rectal prolapse might be tangled with substantial hemorrhoid disease and can even be confusing sometimes to doctors not recurrently evaluating and treating this problem. While a spontaneous prolapse is evident, it can be baffling as to whether a patient has significant hemorrhoids or rectal prolapse. To validate a rectal prolapse, the patient might be asked to strain while being witnessed while squatting, or on a toilet or commode. While this might be slightlyuneasy for patients, it is very imperative to make a precise diagnosis, as the treatments of hemorrhoids and rectal prolapse are quite different.

Treatment we Offer: Why do We Vouch for it?

Ayurvedic Methodology: The prolapse rectum treatment we offer is based on Ayurvedic methodology. Our safe and effective Ayurvedic prolapse rectum treatment is a fail-safe way to assuage the symptoms of this disease.

Rectal Prolapse Treatment by Herbal Medicine: We offer medicines made from various effective herbal ingredients that are safe to use and can give positive results in least time possible. Our herbal prolapse rectum treatments will ease your symptoms without any side-effects.

Non Surgical Treatment of Prolapse Rectum: As we all know how much risky it is to go under the knife, we offer non-surgical prolapse rectum treatment that is free of all the side-effects and complications of surgical treatment options.

The herbal prolapse rectal treatment we offer at our center is prepared with an amalgamation of various herbs that are grown in our own fields. We don’t have any other branches as well.

Patient Stories

Disclaimer : Results of medicine may vary due to hereditary or genetically factors.

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I am eng, student 26 years old from Ranchi, after long standing constipation and staining from last 4 years, I developed prolapsed of rectum. I consulted so many doctors and last surgery was the option.

-- Deepak Singh Ranchi

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I am 34 years businessman from Assam, I was suffering from colitis & prolapsed rectum from last 6 years, I had to go for motion 4 to 5 times every day, this aggregated prolapsed rectum.

-- Amit Dev Assam

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I am Ranjan Singh from Bihar my son age 13 years was suffering from complete rectum of prolapse since childhood.....

-- Mr Ranjan SIngh Bihar

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