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Vipin Singh

My age is 66 Years and I was suffreing from prolapse rectum which is a very awkward situation because during defecation all the rectal mass comes out and after defecation I do it manually to get it back in the normal position. After getting treatment from Daya Ayush Therapy Centre now I am fully cured and there is no any prolapse of rectal mass The treatment was totally Ayurvedic which is free from any side effect I was suffering from this disease from last 30 years but now I m fully cured Interesting part of this treatment is that it is without any surgical process and no need of any bed rest.

Ranchi ,Jharkhand Jan. 27, 2016

B.P Raju

I was suffering from Partial Prolapsed of Rectum through some source i came to know about Daya Ayush Therapy Centre ,after getting their Herbal Treatment which i had to take orally and there was no any medicine for local application .After taking their Two and half Month treatment now I am fully cured So many many thanks to Daya Ayush Therapy Centre for caring me and curing my problem.

Kerala Feb. 10, 2016

Rakesh Kumar

My son age 14 years after having dysentary developed prolapsed rectum(complete). I consulted so many doctors including surgeons and Homeopathic Physicians but no where i could get satisfactory answer than some one told me about Daya Ayush Therapy Centre ,i approached the centre and i was assured for complete recovery through their Polyherbal Formula and within three months treatment my son recover completely. Thanks to Doctor and all staff of Daya Ayush Therapy Centre to get my son completely cured.

Kolkatta Mar. 15, 2016


My mother age 72 years was suffering from complete rectal Prolapse not only during defecation but after long standing also .Situation was very worse than after browsing through internet i came to know about Daya Ayush Therapy Centre .Surgery was not possible due to weak and frail body ,the doctor of Daya Ayush Therapy centre assured me for complete recovery after taking three months herbal formula course . After taking three months regular course ,my mother was not only cured for rectal prolapse but also improved physically and with full of energy.I heartly thanks to the Doctor for this unique and miraculous treatment.

Sitapur(U.P) Mar. 15, 2016


My name is Brice ,I am 38 years old Female from USA. I was suffering from Complete prolapse of Rectum with Mucous Discharge problem. Along with these two problems i was also suffering from IBS, due to this my problem was chronic. I consulted so many doctors in US and they have suggested me surgery. In year 2015 i went under surgery but problem was reoccurred in year 2016. Perhaps it was due to my irregular bowel movement and straining ,i was under depression due to this problem.

In the mean time on internet surfing i came to know about Daya Ayush Therapy Centre in India. After contacting they assured me for complete recovery with in three months and there will be no need of surgery again through out life. I sent my all previous medical reports and my latest picture of Prolapse Rectum to centre .They diagnosed and sent me medicine in US through courier.

After taking their complete course of 3 months now i am recovered completely with all my problems. I pay my heartiest thanks to Daya Ayush Therapy Centre Doctor and staff.

USA Dec. 28, 2016



My name is Zoe , i am from Netherland ,my age is 32 years .I was suffering from Prolapse Rectum for last 8 years due to habitual constipation and straining .I consulted so many doctors and all advised to go under surgery. I have always fear of Knife for such a delicate area .I was helpless. Suddenly searching on Internet i found www.prolapserectum.com after going through it i contacted Daya Ayush Therapy Centre and got the treatment from centre. Now i am quite ok and my bowel movement is also normal.

Thanks to the Centre for giving me such a wonderful Herbal Treatment.

Netherland May. 2, 2017

Mrs Rachna Sharma

My name is Rachna Sharma from Indore ,Age 66 years I am a retired nurse . I was suffering from colitis from last 18 years and perhaps due to this problem I also suffered from complete Prolapse of rectum and my weight also declined from 56 kg to 44 kg. I took so many treatments but I could not get any satisfactory answer .In the meantime one of my relative told me about Daya Ayush Therapy Centre for my problem. I contacted to the centre for their specialized Ayurvedic treatment . They asked me about old previous medical reports and picture of prolapsed part which was sent to the centre .After proper diagnosis they started my treatment though I was not relieved in the first and half month but after completing 3 to 4 months course I began to feel very relief in colitis and prolapse rectum problem because perhaps both the problems were interlinked. Now I m fully cured from both problems . I was surprised to note that my weight is also normal now .Thanks to centre for their care and timely follow up .

Indore Dec. 24, 2017


P K Jain

Ayurvedic medicine for prolapsed rectum

Ayurvedic medicine for prolapsed rectum can replace surgery, yes i was treated and recovered completely.

Delhi Feb. 3, 2018

Arvind Sahu

Beyond imagination to cure prolapsed rectum by herbal medicine without any surgery intervention and I got it my prolapsed rectum cured fully.

Jhansi Mar. 3, 2018


Mr Ranjan SIngh

I am Ranjan Singh from Bihar my son age 13 years was suffering from complete rectum of prolapse since childhood. In the beginning the family ignored the problem but now from 2 years the prolapse rectum begin to be bulky in size and creating problem in reducing after going toilet. After searching on internet I got the contact number of Daya Ayush Therapy Centre for Ayurvedic treatment. I was very much scared for this problem . Centre assured me for my son . After going through picture (prolapsed part ) . They started the treatment and after the treatment of one month the size was less and after 3 months it was cured fully . I am very thankful and obliged for their Ayurvedic treatment and proper guidance.

Bihar Mar. 11, 2018

Amit Dev

I am 34 years businessman from Assam, I was suffering from colitis & prolapsed rectum from last 6 years, I had to go for motion 4 to 5 times every day, this aggregated prolapsed rectum. I had tried of taking anti biotic, antiamoebic  treatment but no  relief. After searching on net for prolapsed rectum. I contacted daya ayush therapy center which claimed complete cure for prolapsed rectum and  to regulate bowel movement  also. To my surprises after taking four month course of their herbal treatmentation, not only prolapsed rectum but my colitis was also cured fully. I am very much obliged thankful for curing my both problem.

Assam Apr. 3, 2018


Deepak Singh

I am eng, student 26 years old from Ranchi, after long standing constipation  and staining from last 4 years, I developed prolapsed of rectum.  I consulted so many doctors and last surgery was the option. Luckily I got ayurvedic treatment provided by daya ayush therapy center. I contacted for the treatment. I remained under their treatment for three months and  now I am cured fully not only prolapse rectum but also from  my constipation. During the treatment, the center was very caring and advised me for every problem at my door step, I am very thankful for the staff and center for showing there cooperation during the treatment.

Ranchi May. 3, 2018

Azad Singh

I am Azad Singh 24 years from Muzaffarnagar ( Uttarpradesh ) In the beginning I felt heaviness in my anal area than one day during toilet I felt some mass coming out through anus  and it was diagnosed complete prolapsed of Rectum . I was advised for surgery without any other option .

I was continuously searching for non surgical option and than found Daya ayush therapy centre and took their herbal course for 4 months. Now problem is cured completely. Many many thanks for caring and curing

Muzaffarnagar ( Uttarpradesh ) Oct. 7, 2019



My son Ayush 13 years was facing the problem of prolapsed Rectum during passing stool from last 4 years. We tried so many non surgical therapies but without any gain. After searching on internet contacted Daya ayush therapy centre for their Herbal treatment. After taking 3 months course of medicine now my son is fully cured . My family is happy and paying thanks to Daya ayush therapy centre

Noida Oct. 13, 2019