My wife age 88 is suffering from rectum prolapsed

I’m enquiring about starting treatment for rectal prolapse

Hello, I found your website online

Aged 75 years , my mother Under went Mesh Rectopexy

I am 66 year old female suffering from Rectocele ,Constipation and obstructive defecation

Hi I have complaint of prolapsed rectum

62 years male suffering from prolapse Rectum , whole rectum comes out & anal tone is almost lost

I am 21 year old suffering from rectum prolapsed due to constipation and straining.

Suffering from complete prolapsed of Rectum

Had Rectum prolapsed surgery in 2006

Hello I need help with Ayurvedic treatment of rectal prolapse in the US

I have a mild rectal prolapse

My mother age 55 suffering from Rectocele confirmed by MRI defecography

My son age 7 suffering from complete rectum Prolapsed

Full Rectum prolapsed, sometimes mucous leaks itself, 4 years problem, please help

Hi. I am interested in an appointment for Rectum prolapsed treatment but live in the USA. Thanks

Due to constipation, initially the rectum used to come out during defecation

Pelvic floor seems to be weak. It seems that I have developed internal prolapse.

Rectum prolapsed due to straining during defecation , Constipation ,taking laxatives daily.

Rectum Prolapse from birth ,goes automatically after passing stool ,leakage of stool ,Stool incontinence.

Rectum Prolapse problem from last 8 years ,digital evacuation , Thick watery discharge.

Suffering from Rectocele from last 4 years, constipation, feeling of incomplete evacuation.

Complete Prolapse rectum ,comes out during walking and running ,4 to 5 times bowel movement daily, itching in anal area,sometimes mild bleeding.

Incomplete evacuation with Partial Prolapse Rectum ,Watery discharge.

Rectum Prolapsed problem with IBS-D.

Complete Rectum Prolapse, around anus, mucous discharge and constipation from last 20 years.

Delorme procedure done before 2years ,problem reoccur again ,Can i get complete recovery without any reoccurrence ,I live in states.

Suffering from Rectum Prolapse, Fullness and some irritation with walking /sitting, Mucous discharge and pain in abdominal area.

I am suffering from Internal rectum prolapsed ,feeling like something is stopping /holding stool at the end, chronic constipation ,duration of problem is from last 11 years.

Facing Problem of Rectum Prolapse from last 8 years. Laser Surgery done but it was unsuccessful. After surgery rectum has become narrow, stool cannot pass out completely , feeling constipation.

I had rectal Prolapse surgery in past but problem reoccur after 6 months, facing post surgery symptoms also . Can I still get treated with herbal medicines.

Suffering from partial rectum Prolapse with chronic constipation ,can i get treatment in U.K.

I need a help for my mother 88 years old suffering from rectum prolapsed from last 34 years.