Rectal prolapse surgery complications (3rd jun)

Learn About The Rectal Prolapse Surgery Complications That Might Befall

The rectum is the last 20 cm portion of the large bowel. It is the provisional storage region for bowel motions. Rectal prolapse befalls when the rectum turns itself back-to-front and comes out via the anus. Without treatment, the rectum will ultimately need to be pressed back in manually. Females are six times more likely to have rectal prolapse than males. Kids of both sexes under the age of three years are also generally affected by rectal prolapse, although the prolapse tends to resolve of its own without the requirement for surgery.  In the initial stages of rectal prolapse, a portion of the rectum slides out while passing a bowel motion, but it shoves inside by itself.

Symptoms of rectal prolapse

    • Pain and discomposure felt deep within the lower stomach


    • Blood and mucus from the anus


    • The sensation of constipation, or that the rectum is never totally emptied after passing a motion


    • Problems passing a bowel motion


    • Protuberance of the rectum via the anus


    • The requirement to use massive quantities of toilet paper to clean up following a bowel motion


    • Leak of liquefied faeces, predominantly following a bowel motion


    • Faecal incontinence or abridged aptitude to control the bowels.



Rectal prolapse surgery complications

Rectal prolapse surgery carries serious hazards. Risks differ, contingent on surgical method. But in general, rectal prolapse surgery complications include:

    • Bleeding


    • Bowel hindrance


    • Mutilation to close structures, such as nerves and organs


    • Tapering (stricture) of the anal opening


    • Infection


    • Fistula — an uncharacteristic connection between two body portions such as the rectum and vagina


    • Reappearance of rectal prolapse


    • Development of new or degraded constipation


Rectal Prolapse Surgery Complications

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