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Ayurvedic Treatment for Prolapse Rectum in India

What Are The Categories Of Rectal Prolapse And Its Cure In Ayurveda?

Rectal prolapse means complete rectal prolapse where the rectal walls have prolapsed to a gradation where they obtrude out of the anus and are observable outside the body.


The diverse kinds of prolapse are as

  • Internal prolapse (internal intussusception). A full thickness or a fractional rectal wall is affected but the prolapsed tissue does not pass out of the anus.
  • External prolapse- If they obtrude from the anus and are noticeable externally. Full thickness, circumferential, true intussusception of the rectal wall which obtrudes from the anus and is noticeable externally.
  • Full-thickness rectal prolapse- A full thickness of the rectal wall obtrudes via the anus.
  • Mucosal prolapse- Protuberance of only the rectal mucosa (not the whole wall) from the anus.
  • Circumferential- Where the entire circumference of the rectal wall prolapse.
  • Segmental- Where only portions of the circumference of the rectal wall prolapse.

Grades of prolapse

  • Grade I: Non-relaxation of the sphincter mechanism
  • Grade II: Mild intussusception
  • Grade III: Temperate intussusception
  • Grade IV: Severe intussusception
  • Grade V: Rectal prolapse

If you are finding it challenging to control your bowel moments, feel uncomfortable while passing the bowel or there are red blood spots coming out of your rectum then a simple medical inspection by your doctor can authorize if you have the issue of rectal prolapse. Rectal prolapse cure in Ayurveda is quite preferred by people these days. It is very much effective and safe to undergo.

Rectal Prolapse Cure In Ayurveda

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