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Pelvic Prolapse Without Surgery

Want To Fix Pelvic Prolapse Without Surgery? Read More!

Pelvic organ prolapse transpires when a pelvic organ like your bladder, descends (prolapses) from its standard spot in your lower belly and shoves against the sides of your vagina. This can ensue when the muscles that clasp your pelvic organs in place get fragile or strained from childbirth, for instance. The most common organ prolapse encompasses the rectum. Several females with pelvic organ prolapse have only minor symptoms. Surgery is generally done only when the prolapse is affecting your everyday life and your specialist thinks surgery will help. However, surgery entails a lot of risks and side-effects. Problems you might have after surgery can consist of:

  • Distress controlling your bladder (incontinence).
  • Not being able to empty your bladder.
  • Ache during sex.
  • Bladder injury.
  • A hole or opening that forms between two organs in your body or between your body and your skin named as fistula.

If you ask how to fix pelvic prolapse without surgery, you may be able to relieve some symptoms by yourself without surgery. You can do workouts at home that make your pelvic muscles sturdier. If you decide, your doctor can fit you with a device named as pessary. A pessary can help you deal with pelvic organ prolapse. Also, you can opt for Ayurvedic treatment via herbal medicines as they are very effective and free from any side-effects. You should also execute Kegel exercises to fortify pelvic muscles and support the debilitated fascia.

How To Fix Pelvic Prolapse Without Surgery

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