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Indian Herbs for Rectal Prolapse Treatment

Learn About Rectal Prolapse and Its Treatment via Indian Herbs

Rectal prolapse is an ailment in which the rectum (the last portion of the large intestine) loses its usual attachments inside the body, permitting it to come out via the anus. There are three kinds of rectal prolapse:

  • Partial prolapse – The lining of the rectum slithers out of place and generally branches out of the anus.
  • Complete prolapse- The whole wall of the rectum glides out and comes out of the anus. Initially, this might befall only during bowel movements. Later, it might transpire when you stand or walk.
  • Internal prolapse (intussusception) – One portion of the wall of the large intestine or rectum might slither into or over another part. The rectum does not thrust out of the anus.

Causes of rectal prolapse

  • Preceding surgeries on the anus
  • Impairment to the tissue during child birth
  • Straining during bowel movements
  • Feebleness of muscles during old age


Prolapse can be spotted during a routine digital rectal examination. A colonoscopy might be implemented to rule out any other pathology viz. cancer, polyps.

Is rectal prolapse and hemorrhoids same?

Some of the symptoms might be the same. There might be bleeding and/or tissue that obtrude from the rectum. Rectal prolapse, however, encompasses a section of the bowel situated higher up within the body, while hemorrhoids develop near the anal opening.

Treatment of rectal prolapse

Treatment encompasses using Indian herbs for rectal prolapse treatment. This method is very safe and effective.

Indian Herbs for Rectal Prolapse Treatment

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