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Can I Fix Rectal Prolapse Myself?

Rectal prolapse occurs when the rectum pushes through the anus. The anus is the hole through which excrement escapes your body, whereas the rectum is the final section of your large intestine.

Rectal prolapse affects around 2.5 persons per 100,000. This illness affects six times as many women as it does males over the age of 50. Rectal prolapse is sometimes assumed, although the issue is really severe haemorrhoids.

The severity of rectal prolapse varies. Surgical intervention is seldom required in mild situations. Surgery may be needed in severe situations.

Rectal prolapse may be classified into a number of different categories.

Rectal prolapse is divided into three categories. The rectum movement distinguishes the type:

  • Prolapse of the colon. The rectum begins to descend, but it has not yet passed through the anus.
  • Prolapse of the uterus in part. The anus has only moved portion of the rectum.
  • Prolapse in its entirety Through the anus, the whole rectum is visible.


Rectal prolapse symptoms usually develop over time. The sensation of a protrusion at your anus will be the first sign you will notice. You can feel like you’re sitting on a sphere.

A reddish-colored protrusion showing through or extending out of your anus may be seen using a mirror.

Occasionally, a little portion of the rectum may protrude during a bowel movement, but it will either disappear on its own or be easily pulled back into place.

Walking, sitting, and exercising might cause a portion of your rectum to push into your anus. It may be manually restored to its original position at first.

There may be bleeding from the inner lining of the rectum if the rectal prolapse progresses. You may have difficulty managing liquid or solid bowel motions as well as gas from your rectum if you have a partial or total prolapse.

People with rectal prolapse endure chronic constipation in 30 to 67 percent of cases, and diarrhoea in around 15% of cases.

Can I Fix Rectal Prolapse Myself?

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