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Symptoms of Rectal Prolapse

Symptoms of Rectal Prolapse

  1. Rectum protrusion on a regular basis
  2. Initially, painful defecation
  3. Initially, there is a burning feeling.
  4. Back pain
  5. Mucus discharge, blood discharge, and apparent tissue protrusion
  6. Inability to defecate

Rectal prolapse treatment techniques include:

  1. Causative issues such as constipation, diarrhoea, whooping cough, and urinary calculi must be appropriately addressed.
  2. Regular oil massage should enhance the patient’s overall health and muscular strength.
  3. The patient should be reminded to avoid straining during defecation, overeating, repeating foods, and consuming large amounts of food, among other things.
  4. Tub bath – performed by Panchavalkala kashaya or Phalatrikadi kashaya to strengthen the anal sphincters and muscles.
  5. Anal muscles and sphincter strengthening medications and therapies

If all other therapies fail, rectal prolapse surgery is an option.

Ayurvedic medicine is a kind of medicine that originated in India.

Guda bhramsha suggests the following Ayurvedic medicines: (rectal prolapse) The following pharmaceutical choices may be used to treat rectal prolapse without surgery in the early stages.

  1. Changeri ghrita – good for bloating, malabsorption, diarrhoea, dysuria, and piles.
  2. Mushika taila – This oil is administered to the prolapsed portion, which is then put in its natural position and bandaged. – Treatment may last 2–4 weeks.
  3. Triphala choorna – Helps to heal wounds and has an astringent effect.
  4. Lodhrasava — Helps with piles, anaemia, and excessive bleeding.
  5. Ashokarisata – For menstrual pain, heavy periods, fever, and bleeding diseases such nasal bleeding, bleeding haemorrhoids, inflammation, and so forth.
  6. Kutajarishta — for fever, sprue, diarrhoea, and other ailments.
  7. Bola parpati – Helps with bleeding problems and haemorrhoids.
  8. Aravindasava – for improving digestion and muscular strength in youngsters.
  9. Chandanasava – Beneficial for blood circulation.
  10. Manibhadra guda — For piles, intestinal worms, cough, and other ailments.


During faeces, try not to strain too much. If you experience constipation, consult a doctor to have it treated.

Diarrhoea or constipation should be addressed right away. If it becomes habitual, there is a 30–35 percent probability that it may lead to rectus prolapse in the future.

After surgery, take extra precautions to ensure that you move your bowels on a regular basis.

Can Ayurvedic Medicine For Rectal Prolapse Do Wonders?

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