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How Can You Fix A Prolapsed Rectum Without Surgery?

Rectal prolapse occurs when a portion or the whole rectum glides out of place. You might feel like you are sitting on a ball. When you shrink your prolapse, you are shoving your rectum back inside your body. Rectal prolapse can occur for several diverse reasons:

  1. Enfeebled muscles
  2. Debilitated ligaments
  3. Neurological glitches
  4. Chronic constipation

If you are wondering how to fix a prolapsed rectum without surgery, you can do so magnificently. Surgery is not always essential. The following can help keep your prolapse condensed:

  1. Avoid constipation and strain to have a bowel movement.
  2. Keeping your bowel movements soft.
  3. Following healthy bowel habits.
  4. Pelvic floor exercises to fortify the muscles

How to reduce your prolapse?

  1. Wash your hands (before and after).
  2. Use a gloved hand (elective).
  3. Apply mild but stable pressure on the prolapsed rectum.
  4. Push skyward until it is back in your body

If you cannot get your prolapse back in or if you have trouble reducing your prolapse, apply grainy sugar to the prolapsed rectum. Let the sugar sit for 15 minutes and then try to shrink the prolapse again. The sugar will absorb the additional water in the prolapse and cause the prolapse to shrivel. You must use grainy sugar. A sugar substitute will not work for decreasing the prolapse. If you can’t get your prolapse to reduce, there is a hazard of the tissue drying out, becoming necrotic or getting ulceration (open wound). If this occurs, report to your doctor for assessment and help.

How To Fix A Prolapsed Rectum Without Surgery

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