rectocele repair procedure without surgery

A rectocele is a kind of prolapse where the supportive wall of muscle between a female’s rectum and vaginal wall deteriorates. Without the provision of these pelvic floor muscles and ligaments, the forward-facing wall of the rectum drops and bulges into the vagina, and in severe cases, protrudes out of the vaginal foundation.

A rectocele is not the similar thing as rectal prolapse. Rectal prolapse is a lump or prolapse of the rectum over the anal opening. What are the causes of rectocele?

Rectocele is produced by prolonged heaviness on the pelvic floor. Risk features for rectocele may include:

  • Prenatal period and childbirth, particularly repeated vaginal conveyances and/or tearing or episiotomy during delivery
  • Aging
  • Chronic constipation
  • Obesity
  • Chronic cough or bronchitis

Rectocele Diagnosis

At your appointment, your specialist will deliberate your signs and review your medical past with you. The specialist will then accomplish a physical examination to govern the extent of the rectocele and recognize any secondary prolapses if present. Infrequently, imaging tests such as sonography or MRI may also be accomplished.

Rectocele Treatment

Your specialist will deliberate the harshness of your signs to recommend the most suitable treatment for your rectocele. Mild cases can frequently be upgraded with pelvic floor workouts and bowel training. Modest to simple cases are frequently treated with a vaginal pessary or rectocele repair.

Ayurvedic medication for rectal prolapse produces natural devotions between the mucosal and muscular coatings of the rectum. This stuff of medicine binds and decreases and standardizes the enlarged and lengthened rectal wall and tissues and in turn benefits diminish the congestion of rectal mass which will be far ahead perceived by the patient post overriding the medication for one month.

What Is the Best Treatment for Rectocele

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