Rectal prolapse is when portion of the rectum sticks out from the anus. The rectum is the last portion of the large intestine and is where feces are stored before being passed. Prolapse befalls when the rectum becomes separated inside the body and comes out via the anus, efficiently turning itself inside out. Rectal prolapse is more common in grown-ups than kids and it is chiefly prevalent in females aged 50 years or older, who are six times more likely to be affected than males. Maximum females who have rectal prolapse are in their 60s, while maximum men are aged 40 or younger. In the situation of older females, rectal prolapse will often befall at the same time as a prolapsed uterus or bladder. This is owing to general feebleness in the pelvic floor muscles.

The definitive treatment for recurring rectal prolapse is surgical rectopexy.  As a deferring measure, manual reduction of the prolapse is directed, as well as treatment of any underlying condition (e.g., constipation). Surgery might not be required if the underlying condition can be efficaciously treated. Mucosal prolapse is exasperating, but several patients can be tutored on how to implement self-reduction easily if prolapse persists while they are awaiting conclusive treatment or in response to treatment of any underlying condition. A full-thickness prolapse might also be reduced by the patient, though this might be more challenging.

If you are facing this problem, it is advisable that you opt for a simple and safe procedure to repair rectal prolapse i.e. Ayurvedic medications.

Simple and Safe Procedure to Repair Rectal Prolapse

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