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How To Fix A Prolapse Without Surgery

Learn How Can You Fix A Prolapse Rectum Without Surgery

Rectal prolapse is spotted by examination. In circumstances where the rectum goes back inside on its own after passing a bowel motion, the individual might have to press down during examination by the doctor to show the prolapse so as to confirm the diagnosis. In circumstances of assumed internal prolapse, diagnostic assessments might consist of ultrasound, special x-rays and measurement of the anorectal muscle activity (anorectal manometry). If the individual has experienced rectal bleeding, the doctor might wish to do numerous tests to check for other disorders like bowel cancer. Rectal prolapse is classified as per its severity, including:

  • Internal prolapse – the rectum has prolapsed, but not so far as to slide via the anus. This is also acknowledged as incomplete prolapse.
  • Mucosal prolapse – the inner lining of the rectum obtrudes via the anus
  • External prolapse – the whole thickness of the rectum obtrudes via the anus. This is also identified as complete or full-thickness prolapse.

Complications of rectal prolapse

Complications of rectal prolapse consist of:

  • Risk of impairment to the rectum like ulceration and bleeding
  • Incarceration – the rectum can’t be manually strapped back inside the body
  • Strangling of the rectum – the blood supply is abridged
  • Death and decay (gangrene) of the strangulated segment of the rectum.

If you ask how to fix a prolapse without surgery, the answer would be via herbal medicines. They are quite safe and effective to use. For further info, you can visit Daya Ayush Therapy Centre.

How To Fix A Prolapse Without Surgery

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