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procidentia treatment without surgery in india

Procidentia, usually denoted as a prolapsed womb or uterine prolapse, is when the womb inclines toward or into the vagina. It happens when the ligaments and muscles of the pelvic floor are strained and weakened to the point that they can no extendedly provide sustenance to the uterus.

When this happens, the uterus blunders into the vagina or bumps out of it. Uterine prolapse is detached into five phases depending on how far the uterus projects into the vagina:

  • Grade 0: There is no prolapsus of the womb.
  • Grade 1: The uterus schemes into the upper portion of the vagina.
  • Grade 2: The uterus imposes up to the vaginal introitus (vaginal opening).
  • Grade 3: The uterine cervix protrudes and grasps outside the vaginal introitus.
  • Grade 4: The uterus and the cervix both obtrude and lie entirely outside the vaginal introitus.

Treatment of Procidentia without Surgery

  • Lifestyle and Exercise

Many self-care measures including lifestyle variations and workouts may offer relief if your uterine prolapse causes no or few signs. Your specialist may commend the following self-care actions:

  • Do Kegel workouts to reinforce and provision the pelvic muscles and materials.
  • Eat diets rich in fibre and drink lots of liquids to evade constipation.
  • Evade straining and bearing down although passing stool.
  • Don’t lift weighty stuff.


  • Herbal Treatment

The herbal mixture for vaginal prolapse comprises Horse Chestnut, Saw Palmetto, Oats, Equisetum, Elecampane, and Couch Grass as well as the Bach Florae Vine, Oak, Raspberry Leaf, Sweet Chestnut, and Hornbeam. Together these parsleys work

Procidentia Treatment Without Surgery in India

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