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Herbs For Rectal Prolapse

How can you benefit by opting for an apt herbal rectal prolapse treatment?

Rectal prolapse is an ailment in which the rectum (i.e. the last few inches of the large intestine) or a portion of it, loses its standard attachments inside the body and obtrudes out via the anal opening. Although it is never an emergency issue, it does leave the patient uncomfortable and uneasy, with a substantial negative influence on the quality of life. A patient might be detected as having rectal prolapse by a colorectal surgeon, but she/he might decide to not go through any surgical treatment. This generally ensues in the initial stages. Left untreated, the prolapse will only grow bigger with time and degrade. If a patient decides to postpone the treatment for too long, they must know that the lengthier a prolapse is left untreated, the grander the probabilities of having perpetual difficulties with fecal incontinence, as the anal sphincter is recurrently stretched out and the probability of nerve impairment is augmented. However, in some circumstances the prolapse is very trivial or the patient is too old/ sick to go through an operation. In such circumstances, supportive garments could be of assistance.

Daya Ayush Therapy Centre offers exclusive ayurvedic prolapse rectum treatment with no prerequisite of any surgical, para surgical or related process (local application or insertion of any medicine via anal path). All that is needed on the patient’s part is taking the medication orally. Herbs for rectal prolapse which are present in this poly herbal formula are grown organically in Himalayan areas.

Herbs For Rectal Prolapse

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