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Can You Poop With A Rectal Prolapse

How Can You Pass A Stool With Rectal Prolapse?

Some individuals have great trouble evacuating their rectum because of what is named as rectal prolapse. Rectal prolapse is an issue that seems to be related to childbirth. When a lady gives birth, the usual attachments of the rectum to the lower backbone might get strained or torn. This tearing permits the rectum to descent into the pelvis where it assumes a horizontal location. The front of the rectum can fall into the top of the anal canal and wedge the anal opening.

If you wonder can you poop with a rectal prolapse, knowing this, you can foresee the complaints that individuals with rectal descent have. If they don’t have colonic inertia, they will have the normal quantities of stool getting down to the rectum every day. They will feel the urge to move their bowels; but, even with straining, the rectum will not vacate. This varies from somebody with colonic inertia. Somebody with colonic inertia might not feel the requirement to move his bowels for a week or more at a time. Somebody with rectal descent without colonic inertia will feel the need to move his bowels each day. Patients with rectal descent take a lengthy time to have a bowel movement. Even after they move their bowels, it might feel as if their rectum is still not vacant. Individuals with rectal prolapse have trouble evacuating their rectum. They must strain to move their bowels. They might have to put their fingers into their rectum or (in the situation of a lady) vagina, or shove on their pelvic area, to get their bowels to move.

Can You Poop With A Rectal Prolapse?

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