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Rectal prolapse cure in ayurveda

How to Go About Opting For Rectal Prolapse Treatment?

The term prolapsed rectum was revealed as early as 1500 BC. The ailment appears when a mucosal or full-thickness stratum of rectal tissue comes out of the anal opening. Rectal prolapse is an ailment in which rectum protrudes out during defecation partly or completely. Sometimes, it goes back automatically and occasionally, the patient has to get a treatment done physically.

How is rectal prolapse spotted?

The doctor can diagnose this complaint by taking a cautious history and carrying out a complete anorectal examination. To validate the prolapse, patients might be asked to “strain” as if having a bowel movement or to sit on the commode and “strain” before inspection. Sometimes, however, a rectal prolapse might be hidden or inside. In this condition, an x-ray examination named as videodefecogram might be useful. This inspection, which takes x-ray photographs while the patient is having a bowel movement, can also help the doctor in determining whether surgery might be advantageous and which operation might be suitable. Anorectal manometry might also be used. This examination measures whether or not the muscles around the rectum are working routinely.

How is rectal prolapse cured?

Although constipation and straining might be reasons of rectal prolapse, simply rectifying these complications might not improve the prolapse once it has developed. You can find reliable rectal prolapse cure in Ayurveda via herbal medicines. Your doctor can help you decide which technique will most likely achieve the best outcome by taking into account several factors like age, physical condition, degree of prolapse and the outcomes of several tests.

Rectal Prolapse Cure In Ayurveda

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