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How Many Stages Of Prolapse Are There?

What Are The Stages Of Rectal Prolapse That A Patient Might Experience?

Rectal prolapse ensues when slack tissue in the rectum slithers downward. The loose tissue might partly or totally poke out of the anus. If you wonder how many stages of prolapse are there, there are three kinds of rectal prolapse:

  • Complete prolapse. Portion of the wall of the rectum slithers down and branches out from the anus. Initially, this might befall only during a bowel movement. In later phases, the prolapse might ensue when the individual stands or walks. Or it might halt outside the body permanently.
  • Partial prolapse. Only the lining of the rectum slithers down. The lining of the rectum generally comes out of the anus only when the individual strains to have a bowel movement. Partial prolapse is most common in kids younger than 2. A partial prolapse can occasionally be jumbled with hemorrhoids.
  • Internal prolapse. One portion of the wall of the large intestine or rectum glides over another portion of the rectum, like the folding portions of a toy telescope. The rectum does not obtrude outside the anus. Internal prolapse is most common in kids.

Diagnosis of rectal prolapse

Rectal prolapse is detected by examination. In cases where the rectum goes back inside on its own after passing a bowel motion, the individual might have to press down during examination by the doctor to show the prolapse so as to ratify the diagnosis. In cases of doubted internal prolapse, diagnostic tests might consist of ultrasound, special x-rays and measurement of the anorectal muscle activity (anorectal manometry). If the individual has experienced rectal bleeding, the doctor might want to perform numerous tests to check for other disorders such as bowel cancer.

How Many Stages Of Prolapse Are There?

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