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How Can Ayurvedic Medicine Help to Treat Rectal Prolapse

Rectal Prolapse is a disorder where the rectum projects beyond the anus. The clarification of this disorder can be outlined back to ancient Ayurveda. The meticulous reason for rectal prolapse is indistinct but it is mainly on the female gender and individuals having constipation, previous anorectal surgical procedures, etc. Both partial and comprehensive diversities of rectal prolapse are a tremendously debilitating sense of the embarrassment of the prolapsing mass and a diversity of signs like rectal bleeding, sporadic stultification, or faecal incontinence.

Though miscellaneous moods of surgical organization of rectal prolapse are extant, no single optimal progression is proved and the choice of operation is persistent by the patient’s age, gender, grade of dissoluteness, operative hazard, as well as by the expert’s experience.

In Ayurveda, Guda Bhramsa (Rectal prolapse) is clarified by Acharya Susruta under Kshudra Rogas (chapter on minor sicknesses) and has expounded its conservative organization very attractively. In this case, a woman like with inadequate rectal prolapse was well-maintained with Kshara application and accomplished without complications. So, the Kshara request can be an mild and operative substitute for the management of rectal prolapse.

Dissimilar portions of plants such as roots, leaves, fruits, bark, or seeds are utilized for the treatment of dissimilar illnesses. Meanwhile early periods, a lot of plant-derivative medications have been used on the foundation of their toxicology, microscopic structure, chemical arrangements, remedial values, etc. The specialty is to ayurvedic treatment of rectal prolapse by herbal medicine formula orally and Bastikaram in which a melted medicine is given to manage per rectum with the assistance of a Bulb Syringe Applicator.

How Can Ayurvedic Medicine Help to Treat Rectal Prolapse?
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