rectocele repair procedure without surgery

Surgery is the just authenticated means of treating overt rectal prolapses, but both patients and physicians may deterioration or postpone the surgical method. Though, little is recognized on the functional consequence of non-operated rectal prolapse. The purpose of the contemporary study was to highpoint the natural antiquity of overt rectal prolapse in patients for whom surgery was circumvented or delayed.

Now, many people also avoid taking surgical treatment for rectal prolapse. And for them, ayurvedic treatment is one of the best options. There are some reasons to take ayurvedic treatment, including:

  • Low in value and very current.
  • Most constant without causing hormonal discrimination.
  • Good significances within some weeks or a month are dependent on the stage of prolapse.
  • One of the inoffensive treatment selections as it does not interrupt pregnancies and stops recurring abortions.
  • Simple and convenient without any surgical process
  • Nature treatment such as yoga, workout, alteration in lifestyle and diet, etc. is the top style of therapy for such illnesses.

Natural Ayurvedic Treatment of Uterus Prolapse

  • Mild Prolapses: Support pelvic floor strengths over the workout.
  • Moderate to Severe Prolapse: Treatment to be nominated after a physical examination and under the direction of the ayurvedic expert.
  • Snehapana or Mamsa rasa sevan or internal oelation.
  • Yoni Dhawan or cleansing of the vagina
  • Abhyanga and Sweden viz complete body massage with perspiration.

Bio-Purificatory Procedure: Anuvasana basti i.e., medicinal oil or decoction accomplished as an enema and Uttar Basti ie. accumulation of medicated oil or decoction into the intra-uterine cavity over the vagina.

Fix Rectal Prolapse Without Surgery

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