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Herbal Medicine for Rectal Prolapse

Rectal prolapse is a disorder of the rectum, in which the anus begins to push. The rectum is the final portion of the big intestine and the anus is the hole that discharges the feces.

Around 2.5 individuals out of 100,000 are affected with rectal prolapse. The probability of women over 50 is six times higher than males. The issue is frequently suspected of being a severe problem with hemorrhoids.

The protrusion of the rectal may vary from minor to severe. Mild instances frequently without surgery may be handled. Severe instances may need operation.


Rectal prolapse symptoms tend to occur gradually. You will notice the initial symptom is the sensation that your anus is bulgeous. It may seem like you’re on a ball.

With a mirror, you may see into or actually stretch out your anus, a reddish-colored protrusion. A little portion of the rectum sometimes occurs during a bowel movement, but may withdraw itself or easily be repressed.

Normal physical activity, like footing, sitting and practice, may also lead to some of the rectum pushing your anus. It may be restored manually at first to its right position.

The inner lining of the rectum may bleed if the rectal prolapse progresses. You may have difficulties regulating liquid or solid bowel movement and rectum gas if you have a partial or full prolapse.

Up to half of rectal prolapse suffer from constipation while others have constipation and incontinence episodes.

Our Prolapse Rectum herbal therapy offers a unique herbal remedy that works without any side effects on the complete Ayurveda philosophy. GRAHI (Ayurvedic word for the organ retention in its own location providing power to the muscles and binding of the rectum) and controlling SAMAN & APAN VAYU, the forces controlling digestion and the act of defeation are the herbal remedies that we give (Stretching & Contraction).

We provide treatment: Why do you want it?

Methodology of Ayurveda: The herbal medications we provide are based on the ayurvedic technique for the prolapse rectum therapy. Our safe and efficient therapy with Ayurvedic prolapse rectum is a safe approach to alleviate the symptoms of this illness.

Herbal medicine rectal prolapse treatment: We provide medications that are all tested and suited for usage with different effective herbal components and may produce good effects at the lowest level of time. You will be alleviated without any adverse effects by our herbal prolapse rectum remedies.

Non Surgical Prolapse Rectum: Since we are all aware of how dangerous it is to go under the knife, we are offering non-surgical prolapse rectum therapy which is free from any side effects, problems and operating procedures.

The three distinct medical problems all covered under one umbrella are all different and our specialist medical therapy is fully supported. The rectal herbal prolapse therapy we provide here is made by a mixture of several herbs which are cultivated in our farms. We have no other branches. We have no other.

Herbal Medicine for Rectal Prolapse

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