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Can You Die From Rectal Prolapse

Want To Know If You Can Die Because Of Rectal Prolapse? Read More!

If you feel like you are sitting on a sphere after pooping, or if you observe that you have something stabbing out of the opening (your anus) where you poop, you could have what is named as rectal prolapse. Prolapse means that a body portion has glided or fallen down from its normal place. Rectal prolapse is when the rectum — the bottom portion of your large intestine — drips down towards or outside your anus. While that might appear petrifying, it is normally not considered a medical emergency. However, the lengthier you have the condition, the shoddier it can get. And surviving with rectal prolapse can cause discomfiture and influence your quality of life too.

Types of rectal prolapse

There are three categories of prolapse:

  • The whole rectum poles out of your anus.
  • Portion of the rectal lining jabs out of your anus.
  • The rectum has begun to drop but is not yet spearing out of your anus.


Extra symptoms of rectal prolapse can consist of:

  • Feeling a protuberance outside your anus
  • Seeing a red mass outside your anal opening
  • Discomfort in the anus or rectum
  • Bleeding from the rectum
  • Leaky blood, poop or mucus from the anus

If you ask can you die from rectal prolapse, this ailment is not fatal, however the bleeding and fecal incontinence related with them considerably wear down quality of life and can cause apprehension amid patients. While rectal prolapse is not life-threatening, the objective of treatment is to assuage its symptoms.

Can You Die From Rectal Prolapse?

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