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Medicine for Rectal Prolapse

The rectum is the lowermost portion of the human peptic tract. It may slip out of its authentic location and drop additional down. The rectum then inclines to hang out over the anal opening. Its aspects are like a small reddish, chubby mass protruding out of the anus. This illness is not treacherous, but it makes bowel actions very troublesome. It is more mutual in elderly females above the age of 50.

When your rectum blunders out of its normal place and suspends out of your anus, this disorder is named rectal prolapse. It may look awkward but not measured as an emergency, as this disorder does not restrict digestion or other body purposes. However, it should not be abandoned for a long time, as it can cause problems.

There is no exact medical treatment for rectal prolapse. Stool softeners can be used to help decrease bowel movement draining instigated by constipation. Treatments comprise various remedies for constipation, including stool softeners, suppositories, and other medicines. The professional will select the best method for you after seeing your age, physical condition, and bowel function.

Daya Ayush Therapy Centre offers herbal treatment for Prolapse Rectum. Our exclusive Herbal Treatment works on the inclusive principle of Ayurveda without any side effects. The herbal medications that we recommend have the possessions of GRAHI (a term used in Ayurveda which means retentive the organ at its own place providing forte to aid the functioning of muscles & Tendons of Rectum) & governing SAMAN & APAN VAYU, the forces that control ingestion and the act of excretion (Stretching & Contraction).

Everything You Need to Know About Medicine for Rectal Prolapse

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