Rectal prolapse takes place when part or the whole rectum glides out of place. When you reduce your prolapse, you are pushing your rectum back inside your body. In severe cases of rectal prolapse, a segment of the large intestine descents from its normal position as the tissues that hold it in place stretch. Normally, there is a shrill bend where the rectum begins. With rectal prolapse, this bend and other arcs in the rectum may unbend, making it challenging to keep stool from leaking out. Rectal prolapse can happen for many diverse reasons:

  • Enfeebled muscles
  • Destabilized ligaments
  • Neurological complications

Operation is not always essential. The following can help keep your prolapse reduced:

  • Avoid straining to have a bowel movement.
  • Keeping your bowel movements soft.
  • Following our healthy bowel practices.
  • Physical therapy to fortify the muscles.
  • Use a gloved hand (optional)
  • Apply gentle but firm pressure on the prolapsed rectum

If you have struggle in reducing your prolapse, apply grainy sugar to theprolapsed rectum. Let the sugar sit for 15 minutes and then tries to decrease the prolapse again. The sugar will absorb the extra water in the prolapse andcause the prolapse to shrivel. Moreover, these are all temporary solutions. If you want a permanent solution, you can visit Daya Ayush Therapy Center for herbal prolapse rectum treatment.

Diverse Ways to Reduce your Prolapsed Rectum

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