Kshar-Karma which is  a  Para-Surgical  process  , described  in Ancient Ayurvedic text for treating Rectal Prolapse . Kshar-Karma is applied for treating partial prolapse, this Para-Surgical process has very limited scope to cure rectal prolapse because after Kshar-Karma there is chances of reoccurrence of Rectal Prolpase but Herbal formulation offered by Daya Ayush Therapy Centre can cure Rectal Prolapse completely and permanently.

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Partial Prolapse or Complete prolapse both can be cured by our Herbal Formulation .No need of surgical or Para-Surgical process is required for treating Rectal Prolapse by our treatment. The ingredients of this formulation work on the principle of Ayurveda which has a property of GRAHI that is to retain the organ on its own place and corrects the DOWN WARD forces which dislodge the organ.


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