• In the early stage patient can reduce his prolapse only lessening his Intra-Abdominal pressure in such a manner that he is able to suck in the prolapsed -Rectum.
  • In the beginning patient learns to replace the prolapsed mass (Tissue) by the use of lubricant and digital pressure , a method of Digital – Replacement.
  • In the next stage patient feels discomfort during prolapse , the discomfort becomes more with the increasing difficulty in reduction of the prolapse .
  • With the further passage of time patient feels slow but steadily increasing difficulty in reduction his prolapse . The prolapse occurs not only at stool but also on other occasion as long standing , lifting , playing ( this is an awkward condition ).
  • In the later condition prolapsed tissue increases in size and remains outside , attempts to replace may create many problems .Patient has to wear large dressing to absorb the mucus secreted by the exposed mucosal surfaces . It results in damaging of anal and peri-anal skin and other so many local problems .

Daya Ayush therapy centre can provide safe , non surgical and permanent cure from Prolapse Rectum through Poly herbal medicine .

Different stages of Problems faced by the Patient of Prolapsed – Rectum

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