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Can Rectocele Be Cured Without Surgery

What Is Rectocele And How Do Doctors Diagnose It?

A rectocele or the vaginal prolapse (protuberance of the hind wall of the vagina) is a medical disorder in which there is a protruding of the front wall of the rectum (the last portion of the large bowel) into the back of the vagina. The treatment for rectocele is required when symptoms are there. In the nonexistence of any symptoms or signs, the doctor might recommend:

  • Regular examination and observation
  • Kegel exercises to fortify the pelvic muscles
  • Avoiding straining during stools and constipation by having a fiber-rich diet and lots of fluids. Stool softeners might also be recommended.
  • Controlling cough
  • Retaining a healthy weight
  • Herbal medicines

A diagnosis of posterior vaginal prolapse usually happens during a pelvic examination of your vagina and rectum. During the pelvic examination, your doctor is likely to ask you:

  • To press down as if having a bowel movement. Bearing down might cause the posterior vaginal prolapse to hump, so your doctor can evaluate its size and site.
  • To tauten your pelvic muscles as if you are stopping a torrent of urine. This examination checks the power of your pelvic muscles.

Treatment depends on the severity of the posterior vaginal prolapse. If you are wondering can rectocele be cured without surgery, the answer would be yes. It can be treated without surgery via herbal medicines. If your posterior vaginal prolapse causes few or nil symptoms, simple self-care measures like performing Kegel exercises to fortify your pelvic muscles might offer respite.

Can Rectocele Be Cured Without Surgery?

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