Rectal prolapse befalls when the rectum drops down and comes out via the anal opening. Your rectum is the lower part of your colon, where stool gets formed. If the rectum drips out of its usual position within the body and shoves out of the anal opening, the disorder is called rectal prolapse. Anybody can develop rectal prolapse, but ladies are more likely to have the disorder than men.


The main indication is a reddish-colored mass that branches out from the opening of the anus, particularly following a bowel movement. This reddish mass is essentially the inner lining of the rectum. It may bleed marginally and can be painful and excruciating.


Rectal prolapse is typically caused by a dwindling of the muscles that support the rectum. In the initial stages, a prolapse may occur only after a bowel movement. The bulging rectum may then slide back via the anal canal on its own. Over the time, however, the prolapse may become more severe and could necessitate a sure-fire solution such as some Ayurvedic medicine.

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A brief overview of what exactly happens in prolapse rectum

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