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Rectal Prolapse Treatment

Rectal prolapse is a bothersome and incapacitating disease with both functional and anatomical reinforcements. The occurrence of rectal prolapse increases in both elderly womenfolk and younger women with functional bowel illnesses, a past of chronic straining, and a past of psychiatric illnesses. Usually reported signs to include faecal incontinence (FI), constipation, rectal insistence, pain, and signs of obstructed defecation, and associated pelvic organ prolapse is common.

Causes and Risk Factors of Rectal Prolapse

There’s no solitary decisive reason of rectal prolapse, however a number of known features can upsurge your risk of emerging this disorder.

Risk features for rectal prolapse contain:

  • Chronic stultification (tough bowel movements that occur less than three times a week)
  • Chronic diarrhoea (bowel activities are watery or runny, and occur more than three times a day on a steady basis)
  • The antiquity of straining throughout bowel movements
  • Weak strengths in the pelvic part
  • Being of older age (muscles in the part deteriorate with age)
  • Previous grievance in the anal or pelvic part
  • Nerve injury (may be due to pregnancy, tough vaginal birth, paralysis of the anal sphincter, spinal damage, or back injury)
  • Certain health circumstances, such as cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary illness, can also surge your risk.

Why Should You Take Rectal Prolapse Treatment?

Rectal prolapse helps to treat your problem. By taking herbal or ayurvedic treatment, you can treat yours effectively without any side effects. Some excellent reasons to take rectal prolapse treatment are:

  • Get improvement in your overall health
  • Relief from anus pain
  • Able to enjoy your favourite activities
  • Can sit or stand for a long time when you need
  • Avoid discomfort while using the washroom
5 Reasons to Consider Rectal Prolapse Treatment

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