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What Are The Benefits Of Ayurvedic Treatment Of Rectal Prolapse?

Rectal prolapse is the ailment in which rectum is moved from its original position because of the wearying of ligaments and muscles that support the rectum. It is considered as intussusception of rectum i.e., rectum bends on itself and passes via the pelvic diaphragm and eventually comes out of the anal canal. Because of long-term diarrhea and recurrent straining rectum becomes feeble and rectal prolapse befalls. Ayurvedic management can recuperate the functional integrity of rectum and anal canal and thus avert further reappearance of the disease. What are the benefits of ayurvedic treatment of rectal prolapse?

  1. Chiefly, there is no surgery needed to cure the disease.
  2. No side-effects of the medication.
  3. The lowest risk rate and effective primitive health care choice.
  4. Recognizes and eradicates the elementary reasons of the sicknesses instead of superficial treatment or subduing the symptoms.
  5. Encourage and instruct patients for adopting healthy way of life.
  6. Diagnoses centered on particular health factors and effects.
  7. Concentrating on the health disorders to inspire the well-being of the society and to avoid the diseases for the individual, communities and the world in general.
  8. Single dose daily orally.
  9. No chance of re occurrence in future.
  10. Profited for the patients who have gone under operation and encountering some health complications.
  11. Medicine is also advantageous for rectocele and cystocele.
  12. It is advantageous for good health of pelvic floor muscles.
  13. Medication is prepared as per patient diagnosis and his complications. Medication is always prepared fresh.
13 Key Benefits Of Ayurvedic Treatment Of Rectal Prolapse

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