How do you diagnose a prolapse (used 13th May)

Learn What Happens If Rectal Prolapse Is Left Untreated?

Rectal prolapse materializes when a portion of or all of the rectum’s wall glides out of place. Rectal prolapse is most common in kids and older grown-ups, chiefly females. In kids, it can be found with cystic fibrosis and whipworm (trichuriasis). In grown-ups, it is typically found with constipation. It is also more common in individuals with autism, psychiatric syndromes and intellectual infirmity. The chief symptom is a reddish-colored mass stabbing out from the anus, particularly following a bowel movement. This mass is essentially the internal lining of the rectum and might bleed somewhat and be uncomfortable and excruciating. If you wonder what happens if rectal prolapse is left untreated, if untreated, rectal prolapse could result in serious problems such as leaky stool that gets shoddier or a impaired rectum.


Call your doctor if a rectal prolapse befalls. In some circumstances, the prolapse can be treated at home. With rectal prolapse, the rectum must be strapped back inside manually. A soft, warm, damp cloth is used to apply mild pressure to the mass to thrust it back via the anal opening. The affected individual should be lying down on his or her side in a knee-chest place before applying pressure to permit gravity to help return the prolapse. In kids, treating the underlying condition generally resolves the problem. In grown-ups, the solitary remedy for rectal prolapse is herbal remedy. You can visit our centre for effective and safe herbal medicines.

What Happens If Rectal Prolapse Is Left Untreated?

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