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What Does Rectal Prolapse Look Like?

What Does Rectal Prolapse Look Like? Learn In Detail!

Rectal prolapse befalls when the rectum (the lower end of the large intestine) tumbles from its usual position within the pelvic zone. In some circumstances of very minor, initial prolapse, treatment can start at home with the usage of herbal medicines.

Diagnosis of rectal prolapse

The diagnosis of rectal prolapse is not elusive and necessitates visual validation. Most commonly the patient is inspected in the straining stance and the prolapse is confirmed. Before any surgical intrusion, a surgeon will order a colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy if you have not had one within the suggested time frame to guarantee the prolapse is not an indicator of some other underlying pathology. Patients with inner prolapse are often asked to go through a radiological inspection named as defecography. This is an x-ray study in which patients have radiographic contrast imparted in their rectum and have images taken of them while they are emptying their bowels. This study offers the clear visualization of the internal prolapse. Furthermore, patients also may necessitate anal manometry.

What does it look and feel like?

If you wonder what does rectal prolapse look like, normally, you will first experience rectal prolapse after you have a bowel movement. The first time, or for first some time, the rectum might return inside on its own. Later, you might feel like something has tumbled out of your body, or you just feel something down there that isn’t usual. In those circumstances, you might be able to shove the rectum back in yourself.

What Does Rectal Prolapse Look Like?
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