Does Walking Make Prolapse Worse?

Does Walking Or Standing For Long Make Rectal Prolapse Worse?

A rectal prolapse is an ailment where the inside of the rectum obtrudes out via the anus. This ailment is not the same as a rectocoele or prolapse of the back wall of the vagina. There are 3 varieties of rectal prolapse:

  • Mucosal prolapse which implicates only the rectal mucosa (membrane) bulging via the anus;
  • Full thickness rectal prolapse where the rectal wall obtrudes via the anus; and
  • Internal intussusception where the rectum collapses but remains inside and does not obtrude.

If you doubt that you have a rectal prolapse, you need to search for speedy medical guidance.

Some signs and symptoms of rectal prolapse

Signs and symptoms of a rectal prolapse might take account of:

  • A red protuberance might be noticeable from the anus particularly after a bowel movement
  • This anal protuberance might be obvious with squatting & hefty lifting
  • Mucous release from the anus
  • Yellowing of underwear
  • General discomposure around the anus often worse after activity and in the end of the day.

If you ask does walking make prolapse worse, primarily the rectal prolapse might draw back (move back inside the anus) after a bowel movement. As it becomes worse it generally will become more obvious with routine activities such as walking and elongated standing and might cease to withdraw. The symptoms might deteriorate if you have been very active; standing or walking for lengthy periods of time or lifting hefty objects.

Does Walking Make Prolapse Worse?

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