Rectal prolapse happens when the tissue lining the rectum collapses into or prolongs through the anal opening. It most often happens following a bowel movement, occasioning in a mass protuberant from the anus. The rectal tissue lining might show and it might bleed marginally. This ailment is often treated at home with no need for instantaneous surgery, but there are hazards associated with rectal prolapse, including fecal incontinence, solitary rectal ulcer syndrome and malnutrition.

Fecal incontinence

Fecal incontinence, which is a powerlessness to control the bowels, is jeopardy of rectal prolapse and influencesa lot of people. This ailment causes the sufferer to excrete unpredictably and is usually diagnosed in females and older adults. Successful treatments exist and might include dietary vicissitudes, medicine, bowel training or surgery. A mixture of treatments might be essential to effectively treat fecal incontinence. Solitary rectal ulcer syndrome, or SRUS, might also occur because of rectal prolapse.


Rectal prolapse is related with malnutrition. Malnutrition might occur when the human body gets insufficient nutrients, occasioning from an unstable diet and digestive or absorption glitches, as can occur with rectal prolapse. Malnutrition ranges from mild to severe, but in more severe phases, it can be fatal or cause permanent symptoms. Malnutrition related with rectal prolapse might not improve until the prolapse is treated.

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2 Major Health Risks Associated with Rectal Prolapse

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