Sometimes, the rectum prolapses out of the anus. It might prolapse partly, so that only a pink fold of mucosa shows, or it might prolapse totally, so that the entire thickness of the rectal wall is turned inside out (procidentia) and might ulcerate. At first, the rectum only prolapses with defecation, later it does so on trifling coughing and straining; lastly it is outside all along.

What happens if patients choose to do nothing about their rectal prolapse?

If a patient has been seen by a colon and rectal surgeon acquainted with the diagnosis and treatment of rectal prolapse and given a diagnosis of rectal prolapse, they could possibly decide on to do nothing about it. Patients picking to do nothing can likely anticipate their expanse of prolapse to get grander over time and to have the rectum prolapse more easily (might just prolapse while standing).  If a patient decides to delay treatment for a lengthy period of time, they should know that the lengthier a patient goes without having their prolapse mended, the greater the probability of having perpetual problems with fecal incontinence, as the anal sphincter is recurrently stretched out and the chance of nerve impairment is augmented too. The length of time that these changes will happen is extensively variable and varies from individual to individual. In certain circumstances, the prolapse is very small or the patient is too sick to undergo a treatment.  Untreated, rectal prolapse does not turn into cancer. However, it is better to treat it via herbal medicines.

What will happen if rectal prolapse is left untreated?

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