What Exactly Happens If Rectal Prolapse Is Left Untreated?

You should not feel ashamed to see your doctor if you think you may have a rectal prolapse. It is imperative to get the right diagnosis so that you can begin the right treatment.

How common is rectal prolapse?

Several individuals don’t tell their doctor about their bowel symptoms, so it is challenging to know absolutely how common rectal prolapse is. However, doctors think it is perhaps fairly rare – maybe about one in 200 individuals have it. In grown-ups, rectal prolapse is most common in the aging. And it is six times more common in females than in males. In kids, rectal prolapse is most likely to ensue before the first birthday. After that it becomes less and less common. Unlike in grown-ups, girls and boys seem to get it almost equally.

What happens if rectal prolapse is left untreated?

If a rectal prolapse isn’t treated, it can at times cause complications that might include:

  • Ulcers on the lining (mucosa) of your rectum where it thrusts out. The ulcers themselves won’t be excruciating, but you might notice a bloody discharge which makes your skin stinging. Having these ulcers might be one reason why a kid with rectal prolapse might need an effective treatment.
  • Demise of the tissue of your rectum that has prolapsed. This situation is rare, but it can transpire if the prolapse gets ensnared and its blood supply gets cut off. If this occurs, you must seek medical advice immediately, as you will need surgery.
What Happens If Rectal Prolapse Is Left Untreated?

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