What Exercises Not To Do With Prolapse

Learn comprehensively about what exercises you should not do with prolapse?

A prolapse befalls when the pelvic floor supports deteriorate and stretch permitting the pelvic organs to hump into the walls from the rectum (rectal prolapse). The pelvic floor supports consist of the pelvic floor muscles and the sturdy pelvic floor tissues that hold the pelvic organs in position.

Some forms of exercise can deteriorate the pelvic floor and exacerbate a prolapse. If you have a prolapse you are likely to have feebleness in your pelvic floor muscles and supportive tissues. This makes your pelvic floor more susceptible to injury as it is less resilient to pressure and straining. If you ask what exercises not to do with prolapse, some dangerous core exercises with a prolapse consist of:

  • Sit ups / stomach crunches (shown right);
  • Fit ball sit ups and medicine ball sit ups;
  • The Hundred (Pilates);
  • The Plank;
  • Fit ball or Swiss ball sit ups, and
  • Stomach exercise machines.

How to pick safe prolapse exercises?

The key queries to ask when selecting exercise with a prolapse are:

  • How much descending pressure and/or straining does your selected workout place upon your pelvic floor?
  • How sturdy and well-functioning is your pelvic floor? How well can your pelvic floor offer support to counter the related descending pressure?

These following safe exercise selection philosophies apply to all arrangements of pelvic prolapse including uterine prolapse or even rectal prolapse.

What Exercises Not To Do With Prolapse?

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