A rectal prolapse is a disorder that causes part of your kid’s rectum to tumble downvia his anus. The rectum is the end of your kid’s bowel. A prolapse might happen during your child’s bowel movement. A prolapse might also happen when your youngster is 1 to 5 years of age, when he starts standing or potty training. The reason of your child’s rectal prolapse might not be known.


Rectal prolapse transpires most often in kids under age 6 and in the elderly. In kids, it can be found with cystic fibrosis and whip worm (trichuriasis). In grown-ups, it is typically found with constipation. It is also more common in individuals with autism, psychiatric disorders and intellectual frailty.

What are the signs and symptoms of a rectal prolapse?

  • Rectal tissue seen via the anus after or during your kid’s bowel movement
  • Pain or uneasiness during a bowel movement
  • Enflamed, pink, or red rectum
  • Bleeding or mucus from your kid’s rectum that might happen from rubbing against his underwear or diaper
  • The main symptom is a reddish-colored mass that branches out from the opening of the anus, particularly following a bowel movement. This reddish mass is essentially the internal lining of the rectum. It might bleed marginally and can be uncomfortable and excruciating.

Prevention and Treatment

In kids, treating the underlying condition usually averts further rectal prolapse. Treating vascular constipation is an imperative preventive measure. For a successful treatment plan, you can even visit Daya Ayush Therapy Center for herbal medications.

Signs and Symptoms that Indicate the Presence of Prolapse Rectum

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