Rectal prolapse strengthening and recovery exercises that you should know

A rectal prolapse is an ailment where the inside of the rectum projects out via the anus. This condition is not the same as a rectocoele or prolapse of the back wall of the vagina. If you are doubtful you have a rectal prolapse, look for prompt medical advice.

Rectal prolapse strengthening and recovery exercises

Rectal prolapse exercises methods can diminish rectal prolapse symptoms and strain. Your pelvic floor offers support for your rectum. Your pelvic floor muscles work with other sturdy tissues to withstand the forces of routine activity on your pelvic floor to support and hold your rectum in the right position. Rectal prolapse workouts encompass the following 3 phases to accomplish your most advantageous pelvic floor strength and support:

  • Stage 1 – Find your pelvic floor muscles for rectal prolapse workouts
  • Stage 2 – Exercise your pelvic floor muscles
  • Stage 3 – Train your pelvic floor muscles for routine activities

Some useful tips for Successful Rectal Prolapse Exercises

  • Decide on positions such as lying down where your prolapse is more buttressed for your pelvic floor exercises when starting out
  • Carry out your pelvic floor workouts (kegels) when your muscles are less likely to get exhausted (e.g. early in the day)
  • Always sketch out your pelvic floor muscles after using your bowels
  • Progress your pelvic floor workouts into vertical positions when you are able to do it.

You can keep all these tips in mind for rectal prolapse strengthening and recovery exercises.

Rectal Prolapse Strengthening and Recovery Exercises

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