Why should you visit a prolapse rectum treatment center?

Rectal prolapse befalls when the tissue that surrounds the rectum tumbles down into or branches out of the anal opening. Rectal prolapse can begin bulging only during bowel movements; then it might protrude while sneezing or other stomach shrinkages; then get into bulging during activities like walking and eventually reach chronic protrusion, where the rectum fails to withdraw at all. Rectal prolapse can arise from the following conditions:

  • Constipation
  • Cystic fibrosis and paralysis
  • Mal nourishment and malabsorption (celiac disease as an example)
  • Pin worms (enterobiasis)
  • Previous injury to the anus or pelvic area
  • Whip worm infection (trichuriasis)
  • Anal intercourse, particularly if long-term or aggressive
  • Childbirth

If your rectum has prolapsed, you will likely observe a pink or reddish-colored mass of tissue jabbing out from the opening of the anus, specifically after a bowel movement. The lining of the rectal tissue might be visible and might bleed marginally.

Natural treatment for rectal prolapse

Treating the underlying reasons of rectal prolapse usually remedies the problem. In otherwise healthy aged patients who have recurrent rectal prolapse, operation is at times used to repair physical problems that make prolapse more likely to happen. However, the surgery can give you scar tissue and adhesions, which can taper the rectal canal (anal stenosis) and inhibit the rectal and pelvic muscles relaxing action during a bowel movement. These two complications can then cause trouble having a bowel movement, or lead to hemorrhoids or rectal or anal fissures from frequent straining. If this has already happened to you, visit a prolapse treatment center in India for Ayurvedic treatments.

Prolapse Rectum Treatment Center in India

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