Rectal prolapse occurs when part or the whole rectum slithers out of place. It can be caused by straining hard and recurrently while trying to move your bowels i.e. mostly in the scenarios of constipation. It can also occur when you lose tone or utility in the muscles that clasp the rectum in place. Rectal prolapse may befall in males or females, but it is more common in females. It can happen for many diverse reasons:

  • Debilitated muscles
  • Enfeebled ligaments
  • Neurological complications
  • Straining and constipation


Can surgery always treat prolapsed rectum?

Surgery is not a complete answer to cure Prolapsed Rectum. Patient has to face many problems after surgery. Thus, surgery is not always required. The following can help keep your prolapse abridged:

  • Sidestep straining to have a bowel movement.
  • Keeping your bowel movements easy.
  • Following healthy bowel habits.
  • Eating fiber-rich diet
  • Physical therapy to brace the muscles.

Apart from all the above mentioned approaches, if a person wants to opt for a natural remedial method for prolapse rectum treatment, he or she can pay a visit to Daya Ayush Therapy Centre in Dehradun. The center offers age-old Ayurvedic technique of treating this fatal disease via herbal medicines. Primarily, there are nil side-effects of the Ayurvedic approach followed at the center.

Is Surgery Necessary to Cure Prolapsed Rectum? Read on to Find out the Answer!

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