How much does rectal prolapse surgery cost (used 20th May)

How Can You Treat Rectal Prolapse Without Incurring Heavy Expenses?

Rectal prolapse befalls when the rectum (the last segment of the large intestine) tumbles from its standard position within the pelvic region and branches out via the anus. (The word “prolapse” means a tumbling down or tripping of a body portion from its normal position.) The term “rectal prolapse” can refer to three kinds of prolapse:

    • The whole rectum spreads out of the anus.


    • Only a part of the rectal lining is pressed through the anus.


    • The rectum begins to drib down but does not prolong out the anus (internal prolapse).


Rectal prolapse is common in older people who have a long-standing history of constipation or feebleness in the pelvic floor muscles. It is more common in females than in males and even more common in females over the age of 50 (postmenopausal females), but befalls in younger individuals too. Rectal prolapse can also befall in infants, which could be an indication of cystic fibrosis, and in older kids.

If you ask how much does rectal prolapse surgery cost, it has massive costs attached to it. Therefore, for infrequent rectal prolapse, self-care measures might assist. For some individuals, trivial rectal prolapse befalls occasionally when they strain to have a bowel movement. In these folks, rectal prolapse might go away by itself. Rectal prolapse might be prevented by eating a high-fiber diet, drinking lots of fluids and taking laxatives, stool softeners and stool-bulking agents. One can also opt for herbal medicines at our centre.

How Much Does Rectal Prolapse Surgery Cost?

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