Rectal prolapse is a projection of the tissue of the rectal wall via the anal canal. In severe circumstances, this circular ring of rectal wall overhangs through the anus and outside the body. The protruding tissue may be observable, specifically during defecation. In more gentle circumstances, the upper rectum sticks out in the lower rectum but rests inside the person’s body. Rectal prolapse may be linked with constipation, problematic defecation and anal incontinence.


Diagnosing Rectal Prolapse

This condition may be identified in a gynecologic examination or with a rectal examination (when the doctor inserts a finger into the rectum). In some circumstances, the prolapse may not be obvious until the woman is asked to bear down or strain. In some cases, a demography X-ray or MRI study may be necessary to detect this condition. Other tests to gauge rectal prolapse may embrace colonoscopy (viewing inside the colon with a scope or camera) and anal manometry (measuring of pressure in the rectum and nearby the anal opening).

If you are hunting for an effective medicine for prolapse rectum, Ayurveda medicines are certainly a great option. Instead of opting for surgical ways, you can make use of Ayurvedic approach to deal successfully with prolapse rectum.

How is Rectal Prolapse Diagnosed and Treated?

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