Rectal prolapse is an ailment in which the rectum (the last portion of the large intestine before it exits the anus) loses its usual attachments inside the body, letting it to protrude out via the anus, thus turning it inside out.  While this might be uncomfortable, it hardly leads to an emergent medical problem.  Yet, it can be relatively disconcerting and often has a momentous negative impact on patients’ quality of life.


There are three categories of rectal prolapse. The category is recognized by the movement of the rectum:

  • Internal prolapse: The rectum begins to drop, but hasn’t yet pushed via the anus.
  • Partial prolapse: Only portion of the rectum has moved via the anus.
  • Complete prolapse: The whole rectum extends out via the anus.

Herbal treatment: A safe bet

Herbal medicine given at Daya Ayush therapy center for this disorder works to soothe the SAMAN VAYU & APAN VAYU AYURVEDIC TERM for forces, which control digestion and action of defecation (stretching and constriction of anal sphincter muscles).These distressed forces are adept of dislocating the organ from its position. According to contemporary view also obstructive lesions of genito urinary tract such as Phimosis, Stricture, Prostatic Hypertrophy, Vesicalcalculi and amplifiedintra-abdominal pressure such as straining hefty work , habitual constipation.

So, if you are wondering and asking yourself “where can I get prolapse rectum treatment?” visit our center today to avail the benefits of 100% safe and effective herbal medicine for prolapse rectum.

How is herbal treatment of rectal prolapse going to help you?

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