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Question 1 -  Is there any side effects of Medicine  which is provided by the Centre?

Answer  - Center provides Herbal treatment which is safe & free from  any side effects

Question 2 - How can i get the medicines?

Answer - By Courier, Contacts details are given in Website you can order it on Phone or by mail

Question 3 - Can i get consultation Regarding this disease on Phone?

Answer - Yes ,Contact number is given in Website

Question 4 - What is Mode of Payment for the Medicine?

Answer - we will provide required details on phone

Question 5 - How should i administer the medicine & what is the duration of the course of Medicine?

Answer - Duration of the course is 3 months and patient will feel positive changes in this disease after consumption of 1st month medicine. Medicine always prepared freshly so medicine is provided on monthly basis.

Question 6 - Do you have any other centre ?

Answer - No, We do not have any other centre or any branch in any part of country except Daya Ayush Therapy Centre located in Herbertpur (Dehradun, Uttarakhand).

Question 7 - Do I get this medicine from open market any where?

Answer - No ,We do not prepare this medicine commercially because medicine is always prepared freshly only for our patients.

Question 8 - Do I Cure completely from this treatment?

Answer - Yes this medicine cures prolapsed Rectum completely and in natural way.

Question 9 - Is there any chance of reoccurrence of this problem?

Answer - No ,not at all

Question 10 - Do this treatment disturb normal life and activity?

Answer - No, this is an ambulatory treatment; it will not disturb normal activities.

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