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Question 1 - Is there any side effect of Medicine which is provided by the Centre?

Answer - Center provides safe Herbal treatment which is safe & free from any side effects.

Question 2 - How can i get the medicines?

Answer - By Courier, Contacts details are given in Website you can order it on Phone or by mail.

Question 3 - Can i get consultation regarding this disease on Phone?

Answer - Yes, Contact number is given in Website.

Question 4 - What is Mode of Payment for the Medicine?

Answer - You may contact us to know more. We will provide required details on phone.

Question 5 - How should i administer the medicine & what is the duration of the course of Medicine?

Answer - Duration of the course is 3 months and the patient will feel positive changes in this disease after consuming it for the 1st month medicine. Our medicine are always prepared fresh batch for consumption, hence it is provided on monthly basis.

Question 6 - Do you have any other Centre?

Answer - No, We do not have any other Centre or any branch in any part of country except Daya Ayush Therapy Centre located in Herbertpur (Dehradun, Uttarakhand).

Question 7 - Do I get this medicine from open market anywhere?

Answer - No ,We do not prepare this medicine for commercial use because medicine is always prepared freshly only for our patients.

Question 8 - Do I completely recover from this treatment?

Answer - Yes this medicine cures prolapsed Rectum completely and in a natural way with no use of surgical procedure.

Question 9 - Is there any chance of reoccurrence of this problem?

Answer - No, not at all.

Question 10 - Does this treatment disturb normal life and activity?

Answer - No, this is an ambulatory treatment; it will not disturb normal activities.

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