What is the Most Effective Rectal Prolapsed Treatment?

Rectal prolapse is the protuberance of either the rectal mucosa or the whole wall of the rectum. Partial prolapse encompasses only the mucosa and generally only protrudes by some centimeters. Complete prolapse encompasses all sheets of the rectal wall.


A prolapsed rectum might cause several symptoms, including constipation and bleeding from the rectum. At the start, the individual may only notice a lump or inflammation coming out of their anus when they have a bowel movement. Firstly, the individual might be able to shove the rectal prolapse back in. Over time, however, the prolapse is likely to overhang enduringly and an individual will be inept to shove the prolapse back. As time moves on, a rectal prolapse might happen when an individual coughs, sneezes or stands up. Some folks with a rectal prolapse have labeled it as like sitting on a ball.Some folks might experience an internal rectal prolapse, which is different in that the prolapse will not project. However, the individual might feel as if they have not passed everything during a bowel movement. Other symptoms of a rectal prolapse embrace:

  • trouble controlling bowel movements, which befalls in around 50 to 75 percent of circumstances
  • bright red blood coming out of the rectum
  • uneasiness
  • constipation, present in about 25 to 50 percent of individuals who have a rectal prolapse

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