Rectal Prolapse Treatment In Ayurveda

Rectal Prolapse Treatment In Ayurveda

What is rectal prolapse and how can Ayurveda treat it?

Rectal prolapse can be uncomfortable and agonizing, but it is remediable. The sooner you see a doctor, the easier the treatment and recovery.


There are three kinds of rectal prolapse. The category is identified by the movement of the rectum:

  • Internal prolapse: The rectum begins to drop, but hasn’t yet strapped via the anus.
  • Partial prolapse: Only portion of the rectum has moved via the anus.
  • Complete prolapse: The whole rectum outspreads out through the anus.


Rectal prolapse can be instigated by numerous medical disorders like:

Nerve damage

If nerves that control the rectal and anal muscles are impaired, rectal prolapse can develop. These nerves can at times be impaired from:

  • pregnancy or during a tough vaginal birth
  • a spinal injury
  • operation in the pelvic area

Weakened anal sphincter

This is the muscle that permits stool to pass from your rectum. Common causes for this muscle to weaken are pregnancy and childbirth or augmented age.

Prolonged constipation

The strain of chronic bowel movement difficulties can make your rectum more likely to go down from its location. Strain while having bowel movements, if done often over a period of years, can also cause rectal prolapse.


Rectal prolapse won’t get better by itself. The degree of prolapse will upsurge over time. This procedure can take months or years, so there isn’t always a haste to make a decision. If you have been spotted with rectal prolapse, you can settle on rectal prolapse treatment in ayurveda at Daya Ayush Therapy Center. It is 100 % safe and effective.

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